Welcome to Inshure

Inshure is your own inhouse Human Resource Manager – when you need it.
When you don’t want to call the lawyer or accountant and if it´s out of the finance departments scope, or when you simply want to work proactively within the whole HR area.

We will work out an arrangement together, based on what your needs are and how much help you want and in which area. Through long-term cooperation, we will get to know you and your company’s needs, and you will get your own Human Resource Manager – part time and when you need it.


Some examples of areas where we can help;

  • HR-strategies, policies, plans & processes
    eg. working environmental plan, salary processes, yearly appraisals, plan for equal opportunity, employee handbook
  • Employment conditions
    eg. employment contracts, collective agreements
  • Organizational changes
    eg. mergers, acquisitions, appointment of managers, dismissals, redundancies, communication between company and staff
  • Competence & development
    eg. competence analysis, gap analysis, plan for development needs
  • Individual- & group development
    eg. counselling, coaching, workshops
  • Interim manager
    eg. HR-manager, group manager
  • Investigation and support
    eg. salary statistics, collective agreements support, insurance, compensations
  • Support and advice to managers
    eg. conflicts, misconduct, addiction, rehabilitation, negotiations with unions
  • Management training
    eg. leadership development, coaching, training regarding annual appraisals, salary review process and giving feedback
  • Recruitment
    eg. job profile, candidate assessment, interview support, second opinion, references

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